Between 2014 and 2015, “Ciutat Bella”, a social-artistic project, was designed and curated by Arcadi Poch de Kognitif for promoting values of coexistence and citizenship through creative action and with the aim of showing how through the public thoroughfare of Barcelona the artistic and cultural potential of a city in continuous evolution and transformation can be manifested.


Proyecto Ciutat Vella.


This initiative brought contemporary muralists linked to Barcelona together to make large-scale artistic interventions on walls in the “Ciutat Bella” district. This project helped to render a tribute to some historical figures of the city who contributed to its transformation and embellishment. Sixe Paredes was the first artist to intervene in this project, with his tribute to one of Barcelona’s greatest contemporary muralists, Joan Mirò.

This intervention, which is located at number 88 on the wall that divides Sant Pau Street, also coincided with the Miró exhibition in BCN, sponsored by Banc Sabadell, which was held to show the work of the painter in Barcelona’s public space.

The mural was presented by the project director Arcadi Poch (Kognitif), Martina Mila (Fundacio Joan Miró), Mercé Homs (Regidora de Ciutat Vella), Jordi Rubio (Montana Colors), Miquel Molins (Fundación Banco Sabadell), on July 2 at the CCCB.

In addition to Sixe Paredes, the artists Lucas Milà, Aryz, Btoy, Spogo, Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada and Inocuo, among others, participated.

Fotagrafia, Rafa Guerrero.


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