A few months ago, Sixe Paredes had the pleasure of making some pieces, that belong to his Ancestral Futurism series, for the cover of, “The Red Album“, the new album by Rampalión, a roots rock reggae band based in Barcelona.

Building on their previous work “Inside the kete heart“, a conceptual album that was selected for 2015 the Grammy Awards, Rampalión leaves us with “Red Gold and Green”, a triple LP in which color emerges as the common thread in terms of themes and inherent symbology. Released on April 9, “The Red Album” is the first volume of the trilogy, while the other volumes will be unveiled over the next few years.

Also chosen by the pan-Africanist movement as a symbol of the blood of the African martyrs that spread throughout the world during its struggle for liberation, justice, and equal rights, in this album, the color red brings viscerality and intensity. At the same time, this color brings everyday situations and universal themes such as love and melancholy to the surface – letting these emotions and feelings take on a transcendental dimension.

The first band work since the Rampalión project was born, “The Red Album” has been recorded and mixed entirely in “Pick’N’Mix” studios. The production and initial composition of the songs, as well as the lyrics and voices of the album, are by Juan Manuel Villa, while Oscar Montesinos was in charge of the mixing and recording. The master was completed in New York by Alex Psaroudakis.

In this album, Rampalión has Indra Vila on the drums, Ireneu Grosset on the keyboards, Ramón Vagué on the bass, Mato Anderson and Márius Alfambra playing the guitars and the trombone and sax played by Josep Blanes and Nando Picó respectively. The band also had a special collaboration with Kubix Guitsy on the guitars for the songs “More Love” and “I’m grateful”, as well as the voices of Emma Youth and Clara Valls on the song “We Dreamed a Road” – the first single preview of the album.