During the month of February, Sixe Paredes had the pleasure of creating two murals in collaboration with the artist Spogo. These mural were curated by ARNAU GALLERY (Barcelona) and sponsored by Montana Colors and Debasa, with the support of Difusor.

In this project, Sixe Paredes and Spogo generated a dialogue based on an abstraction of elements from each of their individual works.

The material for this mural was obtained during a previous artistic study, carried out through drawing exercises and conversations. The artists recreated their final composition by putting their different resources in order and looking for a common point of balance, color and shape among their different styles. The result is a proposal where they combine both their views on abstraction and geometry.

Below you can find we the interview made by betevé with the artists and some images that document the process behind the creation of the murals.


Más info:

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