Coinciding with Barcelona’s Museum Night on Saturday May 21, I was at the Miró Foundation directing “Pintura i Acció” (“Painting and Action”), a participatory mural linked to the “Joan Miró. Collection” show.

In this event, participants were invited to take part in a fun, educational activity with the purpose of exploring the origin of painting. The challenge was to forget all kinds of forms, shapes and writing, leaving color as the protagonist in its most abstract state.


Throughout the night, many people came over and intervened, painting a mural made out of cardboard boxes, located at the entrance of the Foundation.

We had a great time and it was a fantastic experience to be able to complete this artistic action with such special people, in a place as symbolic to me as the Joan MiróFoundation. It was especially extraordinary interacting with children, since they hold a very special magic when it comes to painting and creating.

I leave you with the video from the Foundation, recorded and edited by Lan Dry, and photos that reflect the development of this interesting initiative.







MTN WORLD: “Pintura i Acció” with Sixe Paredes at Fundació Miró

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