Last week I finished a large mural in the third edition of the “MURS QUE PARLEN” (“Walls that speak”) project in the Ferrer i Guardia school in Granollers, Vallés Oriental in Barcelona.

It has been a wonderful last few days full of emotions and memories I will cherish. I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the children from the school and hear their endless comments about the mural; what they saw in the mural and of course, the incredible drawings they did as they interpreted my work.

Thanks to all who made this project possible, the City of Granollers, Senén Roy Català, Arcadi Poch, Aryz, Escola Ferrer i Guardia, Altex SL, Montana Colors and especially Raúl De Dios.


MURS QUE PARLEN” is an initiative promoted by the City of Granollers to give life and color to boundary walls that can be discovered throughout the city, thus enhancing the urban landscape and making it more pleasant. It’s also a project that intersects the involvement of various municipal services. This includes the educational team from Espai d’Arts Roca Umbert who will work with various artist collectives on a series of actions connected to urban art.


The 6th grade students from the Ferrer i Guardia school played a leading role in this action as they have been documenting my work since October of 2015. On two occasions I met with them in their classroom so we could talk about my work, watching a few videos from various exhibitions and murals. We talked about what inspires me, different aspects of my process, and how the mural was made among other topics.

I thought up several different ideas for the mural and when I had narrowed it down to just two options, it was the students in this class who had the final say and chose which one I would actually paint.


Comments from the children about the mural:

“I see the world represented in the circle and inside are the different parts of life and you pass through into another world to know who you really are.”

“I think the world is the circle and I see mountains, nature, the sun, the sea …”

“I see a cake with different flavors represented by the colors. When we’re angry, we eat the red, when we’re in love we eat the pink and when we’re sad we eat the blue.”



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