After two years of preparation and during which the French gallery, Le Feuvre, has presented Sixe Paredes’ work, Thursday, September 24th (tomorrow) will see the first solo exhibition by the Barcelona artist on French soils ‘Danza Ritual‘. It’s a much awaited show that unites his latest canvases, prints, and ceramics at Le Feuvre, and gathers the pinnacle of Sixe’s artistic development during recent years.




‘In his work, his personal experience comes together with landscape and urban melancholy, and his concern for the problems arising in society’s evolution, and in the conscience of its inhabitants. In recent years his investigation has been focused on Andean and Mesoamerican cultures, and their fluid colours, wisdom, and mysticism.’ Le Feuvre


In the sixth issue of Mincho Magazine, a publication about art and illustration, an interview conducted by Montana Colors (photos by Laura Rodellas) with Sixe Paredes is featured and below we will share it with you in all its entirety. In the interview, aside from helping us in understanding the complexity of the apparently simple abstraction of his work, he speaks to us of the progress that MTN Water Based 300 has made as an artistic tool in his works.

Descubre la entrevista completa aquí