Last July, Sixe Paredes had the pleasure of participating in the “TITANES” project organized by Ink and Movement, Laborvalia and the City Council. This great project has been active since April 2019 to today. The most important aspect was the example of social inclusion through art. A project full of emotions and lots of love.

This mural was made together with the “EQUIPO PLÁSTICO» collective which Sixe belongs to.

«Plateau is a tribute to the countryside. To the endless space surrounding these silos. The shades and patterns of the adjoining lands, their textures and nuances, cover as a mantle every inch of the wall, giving the building a resounding, almost sculptural character. Ignoring the limits of the building, camouflaging it symbolically in its surroundings, what we he have done is accentuate its present invisibility, after so many years in disuse, and in many ways lighten the weight of its history. ”

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