H3O  is the collective exhibition curated by the Areté Art Gallery in collaboration with Caldea, a thermal water center and iconic architectural complex in Andorra, which opened last week in the Escaldes-Engordany Spa.

It was a pleasure participating in this project with Okuda SanMiguel and Suso33.



Bringing together the essence of water, architecture and geometric shapes to express them through different styles, from the dynamism of the lines to the neatness of form and the energy of vibrant colors, a few months ago we went to Caldea to create these works. The street not only served as a means of inspiration but also defined the physical space where we were able to work.

During this time, I made the four paintings currently on display in the entrance of the Caldea center. Claiming a place in the consciousness of the beholder, my work unfurls the idea of water, alluding to concepts such as its sound and movement. A composition that moves between primordial nature and the contemporary world.

Striking for its shapes, colors, and magnitudes, as well as the message that is intended to convey, the project extends to the floor of the Areté Art Gallery, where an exhibition of smaller works is presented by the same artists mentioned above.