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Graff en Méditerranée | Mucem | Marsella

Next May 13, the exposition “Graff en Méditerranée“, opens in the Fort Saint-Jean, collection at the Mucem in Marseill, France. In this collectve exhibition Sixe Paredes participates together with other great references of international urban art.

The exhibition, commissioned by Claire Calogirou (associate researcher of IDEMEC) and Jean-Roch Bouiller (curator, in charge of contemporary art in Mucem), will be open until January 8, 2018.

Since the nineties, the “Mucem” has been investigating and collecting works related to contemporary urban practices and, in particular houses one of the largest collections of graffiti cataloged up to now – almost 1,500 pieces of urban and street art collected since 2000.

Part of the collection is presented at the Mac Marseille (where the historical aspects of the Hip-Hop movement are introduced), while at the Mucem in the Fort Saint-Jean collections, more recent acquisitions are exhibited related to the most active scenes in the Mediterranean: Marseille, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia. It is here where there will be several pieces by Sixe Paredes on display.

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