Tomorrow, Thursday, October 20, at 9:00 pm Delimbo Gallery (Sevilla) inaugurates «Friends & Family Vol. 2«, a collective exhibition where Sixe Paredes participates alongside several other great international urban artists: Felipe Pantone (Ar), SatOne (Ger), Jeroen Erosie (Nl).

This is the first 10-year anniversary celebration for Delimbo and, «Friends & Family Vol. 2» is a show in which abstract art is used as a starting point to connect with the most avant-garde street art.

‘In the exhibition, 15 works made exclusively for this event can be discovered. Collages and paintings by the Dutchman Jeroen Erosie and the Catalan Sixe Paredes, works that blend sculpture and painting by the Argentine Felipe Pantone and large format paintings by the German Rafael Gerlach, better known in the scene as SatOne. ‘

Sixe Paredes, Dimensiones. Acrilico y spray sobre papel de algodon, 72x72cm, barcelona (2016)

Sixe Paredes, Personaje. Acrilico y spray sobre papel de algodon, 72x72cm barcelona (2016)

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> Delimbo Gallery, ‘Friends & Family vol. II’