Rojo Art Space
Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” is the eccentric title of the work of Philip K. Dick, the book which the film Blade Runner  was based on.

After reading this book I saw a symbolic relationship between the animal world I create in my artwork and my concern for evolution and its consequences – genetic manipulation and the regression in which we find ourselves currently immersed. Many of my characters are made up of different animals with a touch of humanoid robotics. Throughout history, many animals have been domesticated by humans and have morphed and evolved with us over time. The technology of today brings us closer each day to reach the futuristic aspects described by Philip K. Dick.

These reflections led me to create this series of works on paper, using the hen – one of the icons in the world of my characters which has followed me since my beginnings in graffiti. This series reflects the transmutation of one character into another, shedding different elements that identify it over time.

Sixe Paredes