Individual exhibition
SC Gallery
Bilbao, Spain
05/19/2017 – 07/21/2017

To celebrate its 9th anniversary, on May 19, 2017 SC Gallery (Bilbao) inaugurated  “Naturaleza Abstracta” by Sixe Paredes.

The sample, consisting of a sculpture and 10 paintings on canvas and paper, remained open until 21 July 2017.


We have a tendency to ignore when a form arises for the pictorial or poetic language, and how the senses accumulate around it that end up making it almost unrecognizable. Sixe Paredes begins a new cycle with this exhibition, closing the Andean stage that began in 2010, and which left behind an enormous impression on his personality and creative work, opening an infinity of paths. In the words of the artist. “It all started with a reflection on that imaginary world, that I created over more than 20 years with intense effort and passion, and with which I feel so identified. I wanted to give feedback to my own world, to change it and move in new dimensions, in its natural path towards abstraction, in that place where a space is left open to the imagination. Something lost in recent times, saturated with closed images, like gray walls that neutralize our capacity for expansion. “

Defining the air and finding its lines, making it visible, is a way of showing a material elementality where the borders of the visible and the invisible are extraordinarily close. In this new series of works, Sixe Paredes, handles two concepts as the main axis of his works: abstraction and nature. To do this, he uses nature as a central axis – we are part of the world and together with her, we move in the cosmos. Located on this axis, he generates a language that refers to the different dimensions and directions in space. Turning on the same point, the perspective of these works varies, expanding our concept and vision of the space in a countless number of inspiring possibilities. This symbolizes nature, the world and the cosmos, all united and in constant motion. In this exhibition, we find medium format paintings with landscapes that combine compositions between the rectilinear and the organic, through which countless elements take place to combine with each other and form multiple reflections from a primitive idea. We find abstract representations of the mountain and the bird, the sky and the earth, the water and the fish, beings that travel between the earth and the underworld but which are united in their duality, in their nature and spirit, as an animate being that forms a whole, a macrocosm. Talking with other languages in which the shape is created and then unravels, he also presents a sculptural piece with an assembly of various materials: wool and ropes, beads and painted wooden bars.

In this abstract universe of Sixe, the figurative gives way to geometry, while other forms are dematerialized, the artist projects a new vision beyond the physical, through multiple symbolic representations that interact in different planes and allow the spectator to enter Sixe’s universe  – one that is so particular and at the same time so universal. This place reminds the viewer of an altered state of consciousness, a trance of colors and forms, united in a ritual of elements, all wrapped in a luminous chromatic range, in a light of contrasts and vibrant energy.

The trapeze stands out as a geometric form that turns into three-dimensional doors, with stairs towards the ascension, towards the union of universes between the being and the mystical or sacred space. Languages of universal symbols and color. These works emphasize the strength of symbols as a driver of change and also their importance as tools to remember and to give continuity and unity. As the artist himself explains, “messages lost in time, in a time where symbols were important before writing, symbols that have been lost in a global consciousness, but engraved in our deepest being, today asleep” and that the artist wants to save or rescue so that he can remember them and show them in his works for this exhibition. Capable of keeping the differences straight or to abolish them completely, Sixe Paredes instead shares them on stage as visual art moving towards our hidden origins, always enigmatic and at the same time mythical.


Laura García-Borreguero Gómez. Social and Cultural Anthropologist.