Collective show
SC Gallery
Bilbao, Spain
October 11 – December 5, 2012

This exhibition marks the first time that Sixe and Nano4814 faced off graphically our special graphic style, to generate a series of drawings, prints and sculptures centered around the idea of the mask were and designed especially for the SC Gallery space in Bilbao.

Sixe and Nano4814, together with Eltono and Nuria Mora, make up Equipo Plastico, an artist collective where they put aside their individual preferences to develop a multidisciplinary exhibition project based on life experience in a particular city for a certain time.

The title of this exhibition, La Máscara (“The Mask”), refers to a common element in the path of these two artists, a ritual instrument used as a catalyst in the process of transformation into one another. Conceals and reveals equally and in this case is the synthesis of the clash of two very distinct, complementary personalities, hopelessly trapped in the undisputed protagonist of this series, color.