Exposición colectiva
comisariada  por Pablo Aravena
Yves Laroche Galerie d’Art
Montreal, Canadá
5 de Junio – 1 de Julio 2014

Latin Explorations in Syncretism and Figuration will showcase the work of five artists with artistic backgrounds that began in the streets and whose current work exhibits experimentation with figuration and syncretism in Spain and Latin America. Remixing, blending and resignifying Latin, European, Indigenous, and African cultures, each artist in the show explores the human form in their own, personal style.

Curated by PABLO ARAVENA, the exhibition brings the artists and their work to Montreal for the very first time. The selection is based on strong individual styles that, when grouped together, convey a perspective of themes, styles, and cultural flavor present in the contemporary Latin American and Spanish street art scene.

Artists: Herbert Baglione (BR), Franco Jaz Fasoli (AR), Nunca (BR), Nelson Rivas Cekis (CH), Sixe Paredes (ES)