Group Show
Delimbo Gallery
Sevilla, Spain

What is graffiti? What is the title, street art? Is this graffiti? Art? What are the limits? Who sets them?  Esto No Es Graffiti  (“This is Not Graffiti”) is an exhibition about something called many different names, labeled in many different ways, but in essence, it is live spontaneous creation, with differing methodologies, millions of points of view, and no written rules. The only thing that is clear is that Esto No Es Graffiti . The graffiti is on the streets, and it’s free, enjoy it while it’s still there.


Ídolo Pájaro (Bird Idol)

In many of the worlds ancient cultures, an infinite amount places to worship were created. In some of these periods, mural painting was part of these places and reflected all kinds of iconography from anthropomorphic, magical and religious. These centers of devotion, many of them found where people had gathered for centuries, were places where people went to make offerings, worship and celebrate the solstices and equinoxes.