Group exhibition: Equipo Plástico
Monterrey, Mexico

Using the same vision we had for our project in Peru a few months ago, we arrived in Monterrey, and the city itself was used as the basis for inspiration. We generated ideas and sculptural installations from visual stimuli, local and traditional resources. All of the pieces were produced from the point of view of four foreigners visiting the city during a specific moment in time.

We developed our activities during and as a part of the Festival Nrmal and used the Alianza Francesa as the base for the majority of our exhibitions. From there we extended our activity and interventions to different corners of the city.

Después de mucha observación, muchos apuntes y una extensa documentación fotográfica realizamos siete piezas para la exposición.

After a lot of observation and note-taking as well as extensive photo documentation, seven pieces were created.

More info about the exhibition here