31st Edition – ARCO – International Contemporary Art Fair
Madrid, España

CRISIS NUMÉRICA (Numeric Crisis)

This piece deals with the present. A time not only of economic crisis but also of declining paradigms. A time where the “modern” West is becoming more and more obsolete and unsustainable. A time in which we are saturated daily with the bombardment of information based on figures and concepts that threaten to slowly crush us.

It is also worth remembering that moments of crisis have been, throughout history, precursors to a period of dramatic change, a natural process that leads to transformation. Opening up a new set of opportunities where we can observe biological rhythms, helping to free ourselves from the power we are clinging to. We try to avoid losing control while facing the imminent change that brings with it the dawn of a new era.

More info: http://blogs.elpais.com/papeles-perdidos/2012/02/arte-libre.html