Two weeks ago, during the opening of the “Open Walls Conference 2016” urban art festival, Sixe Paredes painted the rear façade of a building in the Guinardó neighborhood of Barcelona. For this painting, he filled a 1,200 square meters building that stands 32 meters height with color. This building at number 424 Lepant street in Barcelona is a block of flats 12 floors high.

Despite the terrible weather and constant rain, for him this enormous opportunity was an exciting and emotional experience that allowed him to make the largest mural every made in his home city of Barcelona.

Given that this mural will remain for many years, it was necessary for the painting to be cohesive with the neighborhood. As a result, the project Sixe developed stemmed from a careful reflection of the space and its architecture, as well as conversations with the neighbors and residents of the building.

After several visits to the place, Sixe Paredes chose to work with one images from his last series inspired by mountains and nature, and the mystical energy that these places evoke. In this macrocosm constituted by an infinity of elements, the artist imagines a being, the Spirit of the Mountain, whose image allows us to transcend the imaginary and the infinite.

We want to give thanks to the “Difusor” collective and the artist Chan, for their incredible support, their professionalism and their work. Thanks also to all the people who made this project possible: Montana Colors, Reveton, to Horta-Guinardó district and its neighbors, especially to Santi and Dolors for their kindness and daily support, and to the photographer German Rigol for his impeccable job.

Here you can find some links to press about the mural and an interview given by TV3.


>La Vanguardia: “El Guinardó, escenario del mural más grande hecho hasta ahora en Barcelona”


Crédito foto: Fernando Alcalá