During the month of July, Sixe Paredes had the pleasure of participating in the Fa’nan program organized by Creative Dialogue and conducted in “Misk Art Institute” in Saudi Arabia.

For this program Sixe Paredes presented his work, showing the different techniques he uses. Then he gave a workshop implementing two of these techniques «QUIPUABSTRACCIÓN» and «TELA ASSEMBLY», using local materials chosen by the workshop assistants.

Fa’nan is an exceptional experience aimed at 10 emerging Saudi creatives who were selected through an open call process which allows them to to participate in a 4-month educational and inspiring program that includes inspirational travel, art labs and online training. Afterwards their experience will be presented through a dedicated exhibition. Fa’nan presenting a professional platform in the creative industry which improves awareness of knowledge, criticism, research and experimentation to empower and support artists.

With the concept of determinism vs. indeterminism as the base, the program is designed to explore the two extreme sides of art and the design process, decisiveness vs. the indeterminacy or uncertainty, of the use of data, materials and functions and their endless possibilities. Both schools represent a coherent process of creation and production of works of art using the latest digital process vs. handmade, both inspired by and the local Saudi content and context.

More info: https://miskartinstitute.org/initiatives/fanna