On September 5th, Sixe Paredes opened an individual exhibition at the Tomás y Valiente Art Center, CEART, in Fuenlabrada, titled “SACRED CIRCLE”. This show will be until November 3, 2019.

Voices of great personalities and international associations speak to us about what is happening on the Planet and about the negative impacts these changes are having on Nature and the beings that inhabit it.

Sixe Paredes, who finds himself in the middle of this very serious problem, which concerns us and affects us all, and the ethical obligation as an artist to join a call for life on Earth, created these works for the present exhibition.

His work has always been intimately linked to Nature and to ancestral and indigenous cultures that advocate respectful ways of life with the beings that surround them, guarding a harmonious balance, maintaining the sacred circle that is our mother Earth, generator of all the life forms that exist on our planet.

To draw parallels with the great magnitude of this problem, the artist works with large-scale paintings. For years his paintings have been known for their bright and diverse color palette, but for this exhibition he wanted to work in monochrome, giving value to the colors that represent the most damaged elements.

Sixe Paredes, unites with his work as an artist to make an urgent appeal for the Planet, we have to work collectively and stop putting things off!



Exhibition video: