ASPHALTE urban art bienale. Marzo del 2014.

ASPHALTE urban art bienale. March 2014.



In March 2015, with initiative from the city of Charleroi, coordinated by ASBL and curated by ALICE GALLERY, the first edition of ASPHALTE, Urban Art Biennale was held. I was invited to make a mural intervention.

This new large format work belongs to a new series of murals inspired by my animal universe – one in which I wanted to play with the idea of synthesizing nature’s landscape with its microcosms. For some time I have had an image in my head that I think about often. That image is the Earth seen from the immensity of space, a whole world inside of another infinite world.

It was under this idea that I have created this new mural, extracting parts of my pictorial world to create a microcosm with some of my most iconographic elements.

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