Last Friday, March 22 marked the 15th anniversary of the documentary «Aerosol«, featuring Sixe Paredes ance filmed in 2005. To celebrate this event, the film premiered on Filmin, an online platform for independent films.

Directed by Miguel Ángel Rolland, Aerosol is the portrait of four graffiti writers from Madrid and Barcelona: SIXE, SUSO33, ISRA and KAPI. These artists were part of the first generation of street artists; knowledgeable and enlightened. The short film, showing the creative process of each of the artists also provides insight into their personal opinions about graffiti. It traces the history and origins of graffiti in Spain, explaining how this discipline has transformed and evolved over time to eventually become part of the system.

Written by Miguel Ángel Rolland Jiménez and Antonio García Mora, the film was nominated for the Goya Awards for Best Documentary Short Film in 2005, and toured numerous international festivals such as the Los Angeles Film Festival. It was also featured on numerous television programs around the world – including RTVE’s Metropolis program, which dedicated an entire broadcast.

Here you find its trailer.