Sixe - Tate Modern - London, UK

Street Art at Tate Modern’ – London, 2008

Sergio Hidalgo Paredes, also known as SIXEART, better known as the artist SIXE PAREDES, was born in 1975 in Barcelona.

He began his artistic career in the world of graffiti at the end of the 1980s and it has been evolving and transforming. Always investigating and looking to take his art further, he began experimenting in the mid-90s with other artistic formats such as painting, sculpture, and installation.

This is how, at the end of the 90s, he settled into his own studio developing work that came to define him as a visual artist. In this studio, he developed an abstract universe of color equipped with shapes and symbols that show a very personal aesthetic, one that is instantly recognizable visually and has helped to shape his own unique identity and artistic originality. This evolution has led him to develop an abstraction that is based on a very diverse and intense palette of colors, with complex symbolism and a meticulous mastery of geometric forms, which sometimes includes numerical cryptography, referred to by the artist as “circuits” helping the viewer “connect” with another, deeper reality.

Meanwhile, since he started working in his studio, he has continued his artistic career outside of the studio combining both the public and the private, through artistic interventions in the street and constant work in his studio.

In the same way that in Sixe there is a confluence of artistic traditions, specifically Catalan, artists such as Antoni Tàpies and Joan Miró have been direct influences and he has, in turn, inherited their traditions. In addition, since approximately 2009 there have been many others who have helped move and shape the artist’s work.

As a result of his repeated contact with Peru, Sixe began to travel extensively through this country, immersing himself in its culture and working with local artisans whose ancient techniques in ceramics and looms are almost extinct. This contact fundamentally changed the discourse of his work, and he began to develop a style in which he merges these learned traditions with a contemporary perspective. This is how “Ancestral Futurism” as it is defined by Sixe himself, appeared – a tribute to the primitive cultures in the search for the essential, mixing past and present. This work contains both a metaphorical and reflective nature and arose from personal experiences, not through an attempt at imitation. Here the artist is trying to show other realities or ways of perceiving reality from a deep, mystical starting point. The mixture of these different styles and elements is what gives his work such a unique aesthetic.

This exploration goes beyond using animal forms, human representations or ancestral figures to create its own language and symbols to explore the primordial. The connection of these ancient traditions and his reflection and reinterpretation brings us closer to social processes that occurred in antiquity, and that are repeated nowadays because they are intrinsic to humanity – to the deepest and most universal essence of all human beings, in all times and places. Using his own abstract and pictorial language, Sixe reinvents the idea of ancestral connections. He perceives the experience of reality in a unique way, transforming it and in his works of art, turning it into something new and universal.

An artist whose work has become one of the most notable Spanish references in terms of urban art, Sixe’s work has been exhibited in galleries and art spaces around the world, as well as top-level institutions such as the British National Museum of Modern Art “Tate Modern located in central London. Sixe Paredes was one of six artists who painted the facade of the Tate Modern in 2008 in the innovative exhibition of wall paintings “Street Art“.

Despite his constant investigative work, he has never abandoned the activity that aroused his creativity, public art. There are numerous festivals, biennials and urban art projects, which feature the artist today.

Despite his constant investigative work, he has never abandoned the activity that aroused his creativity, public art. There are numerous festivals, biennials and urban art projects, which feature the artist today. No doubt, Sixe Paredes, is a visual artist and a master of urban art, who has managed to take the discussion from the street to a deeper more profound level. This Catalan artist, claimed in the five continents, continues traveling today with his work all over the world.


While his early work focused more on the dark side of modern culture, this artist has recently developed an interest in ancient cultures and primitive art – especially in the way in which he can relate them to graffiti and Street Art.

His pictorial work is a mixture of figurative and abstract art. It mixes very different elements and aesthetics. It combines the human, the animal, the object, the geometric and the cybernetic with ample color, to later expand this series by combining and relating these characters with landscapes, pop art and pre-Columbian popular art with modern urban art and traditional ethnic art. He is an artist who uses his work in different mediums to create a universe of his own that is, at the same time, universal.

His is influenced by the urban landscape of his cosmopolitan city of birth, Barcelona, its architecture and popular social culture. There is also a strong influence of ancestral cultures, of cosmovisions especially from the Andean and Mesoamerican cultures, with their fluid colors, their wisdom and mysticism. In addition, nature is present in practically all of his work. A key part of the development of his artistic work has been his continuous trips around the world, especially those made to the American continent. Here he has shown deep concern for pre-Columbian cultures, which artistically has led to the use of millenary techniques such as ceramics or looms. These techniques have expanded his artistic language.

In works like his, it is interesting to see elements of the Inca cultures in relation to contemporary languages, and even more, to see how these cultures and their worldview permeate European identities. It establishes a connection between the ancestral precolonial and the contemporary European.

In the words of the artist himself:

All cultures are connected by the most primitive essence that we carry in the deepest part of our being, and from their ancestral interconnection a new language is born, which only reaffirms all its greatness. My intention is to interpret these cultures in a new way and look at them from a different perspective, one based on respect and admiration. Today my work continues to be inspired by the ancient world but at the same time also in the present, comparing them and transmuting them in imaginary dualities, that exist between the past and the future.

Text: June 2016
Laura García-Borreguero Gómez / Social and Cultural Anthropologist / SC Gallery Bilbao.



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Pintura mural, colección privada. Banco Sabadell
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Cesión de imagen para la obra EL PEZ DE ORO (Arturo Peralta, Gamaliel Churata) Editorial Cátedra, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, España
Colaboración con MARIO TESTINO para Vogue edición diciembre – España

Cosmovisión Andina y los Hijos del Inti. N2 Galería – Barcelona, España 
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A.L.I.C.E. at SLICK art fair
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Cercle 22, Sin intención, colectiva – Barcelona, España
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Pabellón de Gutiérrez, colectiva – León, España
Exhibición de graffiti, Cultura Urbana – Madrid, España
Festival “Ibiza Urban”, Exhibición de graffiti – pintura mural – Ibiza, España
ROJO® SMART, Exposición colectiva en la galería Invaliden1 de Berlín, Alemania
ROJO® Nike Air a little less gravity, for Nike – Barcelona, España
ROJO® ROJO®out 1ª, d’Art Urbà Publicitari, for J&B – Barcelona, España
BOMBIT, director y productor JHON REISS – San Francisco, Estados Unidos 
AEROSOL, tercer finalista en los premios Goya. Dir: Michael Rolano – Madrid, España
Documental “ATLANTIS phase 1”, realizado por Sergio Aguilar – Madrid, España
NEXTS”, director Pablo Aravena – Madrid, España

Brigadas al muro, colectiva, Galería La Santa – Barcelona, España
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, colectiva, Galería La Santa – Barcelona.España
Festival internacional de arte contemporáneo, CCCB, colectiva – Barcelona, España
Tras la pared, colectiva, Galería Antta Gallery – Madrid, España
Camel Art, dirigido por la Fura del Baus – Barcelona, España
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Exhibición pintura mural, Festival internacional de graffiti, “Urban Art” – Canarias, España
Primer asalto. El arte de lo público en Zaragoza, Puerta Cinería, Zaragoza, España
TOYR2 en Veinte cuatro kilates – Barcelona, España

Encargo de la ciudad de Montpellier, Parque Infantil – Narbona, Francia
SIXEART- LAMANO, Skate Parc – Mosson-s Montpellier, Francia
Festival nuevos creadores, “La Mostra”, Estación central – Milán, Italia
Festival nuevos creadores, “Camelart”, 1r premio modalidad graffiti – Madrid, España
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Festival de nuevos creadores “Fem 3”, instalación pintura mural colectiva – Madrid, España
Camelart 3 finalista, modalidad escultura alternativa – Madrid, España
Catalogo XDYE winter Pulland Bear – Barcelona, España

Instalación pintura mural, Festival de nuevos creadores – Baba festival – Barcelona, España
Instalación para Feria Gaudí i Josep Font – Barcelona, España
Instalación para Cimarrón – Barcelona, España

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Trompellier dos mil dos, exposición colectiva, Galería S.T.Ravi – Montpellier, Francia

Niños malos con flequillo, exposición individual, 
Galería Laboratorio 27 – Barcelona, España
La vida, exposición colectiva, Galería Cercle 22 – Barcelona, España
Sin intención, exposición colectiva, Galería Cercle 22 – Barcelona, España


Importantes colecciones privadas en Europa, América y Asia


Cosmovisión Andina y los Hijos de Inti, Sixeart, N2 Galería – España
El graffiti español, Mario Suárez, Lunwerg – España
Walls & Frames, Max Ruiz, Gestalten – Gran Bretaña
XFuns 41, Creative & Design – China
Streetart, Cedar Lewisohn, Tate Publishing – Gran Bretaña
The Art of Rebellion III, Publikat – Alemania
Hip Art, The French Touch, Kitchen 93 – Francia
At Down, Octopus – Francia
Mundo Animal, Rojo Special Edition – España
Alergia, Spray Planet – España
Urban Art Book, Montana Colors – España



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